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Fraud and corruption are facts of business life. Studies show that global businesses lose up to 6% of revenues to fraud. Every fraud attacks your company's integrity, from white-collar crime and management corruption to employee theft and deception....So when questions arise, we help you find answers.


Uncover the Situation

Probably you're responding to a regulatory inquiry, or seeking answers to stakeholder questions or whistle-blower allegations. Perhaps you have concerns about unusual patterns of financial activity, or you want to review financial reports that have been called into question. Our Fraud Investigation Services can help you. We are experienced in forensics, banking, insurance, energy, telecoms, financial and securities regulation, electronic discovery and risk management. Working with you, we can help determine what happened, how much is at risk, who is involved, and what opportunities exist for recovery.


We can help you

  • Investigate financial reporting fraud;
  • Examine financial and source documents for fraud - including false reporting, manipulated records, forgery, or electronic tampering;
  • Investigate alleged fraud or illegal acts, including money laundering, gray market activity, embezzlement, and corrupt acts that violate local law;
  • Investigate on misappropriation of assets scheme;
  • Investigate on specific unusual transactions following fraud allegations / fraud suspicions;
  • Develop regulatory compliance strategies;
  • Provide expert reports and testimony;
  • Conduct insolvency and bankruptcy fraud investigations;
  • Examine suspect vendor relationships or activities;
  • Investigate suspect financial performance by a unit, subsidiary, or joint venture;
  • Investigate compromises of intellectual property and trade secrets.
  • Investigate allegations of the purchase of products and services at inflated prices;
  • Investigate alleged collusion between employees or use of suppliers with connections to employees;

What we will do

  • We will help you to build a Fraud Response Plan:
    • Escalate concerns appropriately;
    • Assign responsibility for investigating fraud;
    • Preserve evidence;
    • Establish procedures to secure information and assets during an investigation;
    • Determine applicability of laws and regulations to evidence;
    • Develop and initiate disciplinary actions;
    • Maintain mechanism to record reported fraud;
    • Action plan upon the detection of suspected fraud;
    • Ensure assets or information within the organization are not destroyed;
    • How legal advice should be obtained on options to recover losses.
  • Intelligence support, data mining, information identification and extraction;
  • Support investigation on potential fictitious accounting documents, analysis of major exposures, proposal of areas of improvement;
  • Investigation of suspicious accounting patterns timed to coincide with periodical reporting;
  • Investigate on senior executive activities;
  • IT Forensics & Analytics;
  • Develop statistics tools to assess fraud opportunities (damage location, damage costs, number of related expertise by damage...);
  • In-depth analysis of high risk activities.

Your Benefit

  • Demonstrates to stakeholders and regulators that suspicions are addressed as a priority;
  • Provides a high level of assurance that the scope of the fraud has been properly identified;
  • Identify fraud characteristics, schemes and fraudsters;
  • Give a "lesson learnt" session to increase internal staff awareness of prevention and detection solution;
  • Critical review on new processes settlement following our recommendations.
Action plan upon the detection of suspected fraud